Hello internet browser person!  Welcome to my website!  It feels a little pretentious to have a website  all about me, and even worse to have a bio about myself on a website about myself, but here we are and if you're reading this, thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I hope your time on this website will be edifying for your life and faith.  

Here's some formal info about my education and life, because I know you're dying to know, so without further ado; here you go...I was born and raised in Southern California in the home of a career youth minister and an awesome mom (who worked as a special-ed teachers aid for like 20 years) who raised me to love Jesus and walk in His ways and I will ever be thankful for their faithfulness to teach my sister and me to love Jesus.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from California Baptist University in 2005 and went on to earn my Masters of Divinity in 2013 from Truett Seminary at Baylor University.  I am married to my lovely wife, Amberlyn Felts.  We have two kids Jackson and Hazel and we're expecting our third kiddo in the Fall of 2018.

Here's some fun stuff - you know, hobbies and stuff.  I enjoy watching College Football, playing the drums, drinking coffee and Craft Beer, and going on outdoor adventures with Amberlyn, kiddos, and friends.

To give you a little bit of theological background; as you already know, I was born and raised in the house of a minister, so as you can probably guess, and I was a part of the church WAY before I was even born, and have seldom missed a weekly gathering/service fun in my 35 years of life thus far.  I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, so I was raised with a firm belief in believers baptism, autonomy of the local church, and the priesthood of all believers - which I still more or less believe in today.  I say that somewhat tongue in cheek, as I have begun to understand Church orthodoxy more clearly in recently years than previously looking more closely at early Church writings, traditions, and scripture pre-Constantinian "Christianity."  Here are some of the books the LORD has used that have had a big impact on my shift in theology recently.  Supernatural/Unseen Realm, Pagan Christianity, Untold Story of the New Testament, Reimagining Church, Naked Gospel, From Eternity to Here, Mystical Union, as well as blogs/vlogs from John Crowder, and my I thank the LORD for my good friend and beloved brother in Christ, Mike Filippi, who the LORD has used in powerful ways in my life since fall of 2016.

I'm starting a blog/vlog that I hope will evolve into a great tool that will both be able to clarify theological concepts that have been lost since the time of Christendom, answer life and doctrinal questions, and give inspiration to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are looking for more from their life in the Church and faith, for all of those who are crying out "there must be more!" Well good news...there's more.  Check out my weekly blog/vlog here.