DATE: JUly 10-15 (mon-Sat)


"Dudeventure" is a combination of Dude and Adventure; so it's an adventure for dudes.

Adventure is an exciting or unusual experience that is bold, usually risky, with an uncertain outcome. It creates psychological arousal, which can be interpreted as negative (fear) or positive (flow).

Dude refers to a male or "guy."  It can also refer to a citified person who is visiting a rural location.

Why Dudeventure?

We need community, we need to feel small, we need recreation, we need escape, and everyone - everyone, everyone everyone everyone - everyone needs adventure!

Men being men, being in creation growing in our affection for our creator, growing in our ability to be wise, act like men, spend time together, exert energy, and encourage one another to do something beyond own ability.

Come - be rejuvenated - be changed - be pushed - and be.

Who can go on dudeventure?

Anyone!!  You a dude?  Got dude friends?!  Invite em, trick em, coerce em...but bring em!  Life is great with old friends and even better meeting new friends!!

How much is a DUDEVENTURE?

This is basically just a bunch of dudes getting together to go have an adventure; so it costs just the gas to get there (look into carpooling if there's several guys coming from one area), park entry fee, camping or permit fee, food, your own personal equipment (i.e. backpack, sleeping bag, toiletries, trekking poles, water bladder/bottle, beverages, etc).  I've done some research to come up with a "ball park" of what it could cost...listed below: